Mewo sponsors the Offshore Wind Conference

OFFSHORE - Wind Conference 30.09 - 01.10.2019, Warszawa. Wiodące wydarzenie dotyczące morskiej energetyki wiatrowej w Polsce!



MEWO S.A. to benefit from Vattenfall O&M Knowledge Transfer

The Southern/ Polish Baltic offshore sector is envisaged to be a future growth region for wind energy development.

Vattenfall, as one of the largest offshore wind operators, are keen to use their experience to support this push towards renewable energy and the significant benefits it will provide to the Polish economy and supply chain.

Whilst principle focus at this early stage will always be centred around planning, consent, development and installation, the continued maintenance of offshore subsea and topside assets to provide 25 year + shelf life longevity is often forgotten or dismissed until much later in the OWF thought process/ early life cycle.

As a proactive measure to guard against this and ensure this valuable knowledge base, focused around asset integrity monitoring, is brought to the fore within the Polish energy mindset and to provide a catalyst for in country sharing of skills and knowledge, MEWO S.A. (the largest independent marine survey/ geoscience/ environmental and subsea engineering company in Poland) approached their UK consultants Suffolk Survey & Subsea Services Ltd. (S4) to assist them with UK introductions and O&M support.

Vattenfall’s proactive and forward thinking vision (big picture) is therefore kindly providing a delegation from MEWO a full O&M study/ knowledge transfer opportunity during Renewable UK’s Global Offshore Wind Expo on 25th/ 26th June 2019 with a tour and extensive O&M round table discussion sessions at their Ramsgate Control Centre for their Thanet, Kentish Flats and Kentish Flats Extension OWF’s, including a visit to Whitstable harbour to view the CTV’s and other craft utilised for the marine assets O&M tasks. It is expected that this initial visit will be the pre cursor to further discussion sessions & sounding boards in the future between Vattenfall and MEWO/ the greater Polish based supply chain.

MEWO and S4 would like to extend a debt of gratitude in particular to Colin Brown (Senior Business Development Manager), Melanie Rogers (Communications Officer) and Rob Lilly (Procurement & Supply Chain Development/ Manager) of Vattenfall for making this first O&M study visit possible.


Vattenfall is a leading European energy company with approximately 20,000 employees. For more than 100 years we have electrified industries, supplied energy to people's homes and modernised our way of living. We now want to make fossil-free living possible within one generation.


MEWO. S.A. are the largest privately owned and independent marine survey/ geoscience/ environmental and subsea engineering company in Poland providing services and solutions to the marine energy sectors in the Baltic, Mediterranean and Southern North Sea’s for oil & gas, renewables, subsea telecoms and research.


Suffolk Survey and Subsea Services (S4), is a private limited company, based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK, providing management consultancy services & solutions to the marine survey/ geoscience and offshore energy sectors.

5 - lecie MEWO z akcentem świątecznym

Pewnego dnia, na krótko przed świętami wszyscy pracownicy MEWO spotkali się na ''projekcie jubileuszowo-świątecznym’’ w Fun Arena Gdańsk gdzie uczestniczyli w różnych atrakcjach… było dużo śmiechu, aktywności, a na zakończenie zasiedliśmy do wspólnej kolacji.

Była to chwila refleksji, podsumowań oraz rozmów o przyszłości i dalszym rozwoju firmy.

Mamy nadzieję, że wszyscy uczestnicy świetnie się z nami bawili.

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Zapraszamy serdecznie na nasz profil na portalu Linkedin. Można znaleźć tam aktualne informacje o działaności firmy. Ciekawe filmy, zdjęcia, relacje z wydarzeń, w których MEWO bierze czynny udział.

MEWO S.A. na największych targach offshore w Hamburgu WindEnergy

W Hamburgu w dniach 24.09 - 28.09 odbywały się największe Targi Offshore, o których już mogliście przeczytać na naszej stronie internetowej.

MEWO podczas targów cieszyło się zainteresowaniem i zaprezentowało się wspólnie z firmą GLOMAR Offshore.

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