Comprehensive service of meteorological buoys

The MEWO S.A. Offshore Engineering Department includes highly specialised engineers, who undertake to carry out tasks considered to be the most challenging in the offshore industry. One of the examples being the deployment of weather buoys, which involves the use of a studiously interconnected measuring assembly consisting of two concrete anchors, anchoring chains, lifting straps and anchoring buoys. This solution, as well as the specialist ultrasonic wind direction and speed sensors, digital hygrometers, conductometers with pressure sensors, and the acoustic Doppler flow and wave height measuring systems installed, enable the weather buoy to continue automatic measurements for years.

It is a demanding operation that involves handling inert chains and huge loads (the unit’s total weight is 20 tonnes), often in very difficult sea conditions. However, due to the application of a very expensive and complex equipment, the task can be completed with a world-class level of performance, and the most stringent safety rules observed.

The well-knit team of the Offshore Engineering Department takes pride in its seven years of experience, hundreds of loads handled, and most of all an extensive knowledge in the field. Thanks to all this, the tasks of this type are performed quickly, professionally and safely.


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